Brennon Williams

Founder & CEO, Infinity-Metaverse

Brennon is the Founder and CEO of synaptic black limited, and the Infinity-Metaverse. For the past 28 years, Brennon has worked around the globe as a contract software engineer, Chief Technical Officer and Consultant Technical Advisor to companies such as Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, eBay and PayPal as well as several smaller design and user experience focused agencies both in London and New York. Brennon is a twice published author of technical books and has received several MVP awards from Microsoft for his service to the industry, as well as the globally recognized, Most Valuable Professional of the Year award in 2012-2013. He is skilled in software development, crypto currencies, blockchains, 3D gaming environments and platforms, artificial intelligence, complex systems architecture, hardware design, machining and fabrication, mechanical and electronic engineering, natural language interpretive interfaces and material sciences. Brennon speaks regularly on topics ranging from user experience and software development, metaverse & web3, to the application of AI & Robotics. Brennon was awarded a BSc Computer Science from New York University. He also holds an Advanced Diploma in 3D Games Development, is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer,
the recipient of six International MVP awards and is also a Certified Ethical Hacker, awarded by the EC Council. Brennon holds several other certifications ranging from ISO standards through to network security qualifications.