Nicola Amiss

SpecialityClient Director, Capita
Nicola is a passionate and experienced Commercial Leader who has worked in executive roles in professional services organisations for the past 27 years. A lifelong learner, her leadership career includes working for listed organisations, private enterprise (founder/ owner) and private equity owned business including British Airways, Informa, Huthwaite, Richardson, Imparta, Learning Technologies Group (LTG), Merryck and Capita. As a Commercial Leader and Client Partner, Nicola strives to make the greatest difference for her customers and teams through collaborative conversations and thought partnership that genuinely helps the customer realise value they would not otherwise have seen. She listens hard to uncover the unspoken word in the room and the unanticipated needs. She clients groups look at new or different ways to achieve their most important objectives and brokers expertise and capabilities within Capita to help the customer at their moment of need. Her approach with her teams focuses on a strength based philosophy, helping individuals unlock their full potential to become the very best version of themselves, positively impacting stakeholders, customers and shareholders. Nicola is an Executive Coach and studied with Henley. Responsible for the client group within the Learning division, she believes in the power of the team working cohesively with clarity, curiosity, and agility to drive a better outcome together for the customer.