Normandie Wragg

Normandie Wragg

SpecialityCEO, Nugent

Normandie Wragg, The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the overall stewardship of Nugent, having been given delegated authority by the Trustees of the Charity in accordance with Nugent’s Charitable Trust Deed, and consists of two fundamental elements:

Decision-making is exercised through the formulation with management of fundamental policies and strategic goals and the approval of certain significant actions.

Oversight concerns the review of management decisions, the adequacy of systems and controls and the implementation of policies.

The CEO makes major policy decisions (within the scope of the delegated authority), participates in strategic planning, delegates executive authority, accountability and responsibility for day-to-day affairs and reviews executive’s performance, efficiency and effectiveness.

Having served in sector operational and strategic leadership roles for the past 15 years, Normandie is a strong leader with continued success in meeting business/operational goals. Normandie is also the Chair of the Board of Directors for Mersey Swing CIC and a Director for Nugent Social Enterprises CIC.

She holds a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership with over 23 years’ experience in the private, government and third sector environments. Normandie likes to take on tough challenges, difficult roles and demanding projects usually with a relatively high element of risk. She endeavours to produce results by overcoming all obstacles to produce distinctive and quality results that have maximum impact professionally and personally.

She brings to Nugent, a blend of leadership, governance, strategic planning, compliance and risk, business development skills and general administration that she has leveraged to meet and exceed expectations of commissioners/funders and private charitable donors.