Rupert Pick

SpecialityFounder, Work for Good
Founder, Work for Good
Rupert Pick is the founder of award winning experience agency, Hot Pickle and business giving platform, Work for Good.
He earned his marketing stripes at Unilever, working on brands such as Flora, Bertoli and Marmite before leaving for the world of innovation consultancy at ?Whatif. A transfer to the ventures arm of ?Whatif! gave him a taste for entrepreneurship and sowed the seed of his future.
He founded Hot Pickle in 2009 along with his MBA classmate Patrick Hammond who was quickly followed by a third leg, Andrew St Clair Johnson. The agency consults for some of the world’s best known consumer brands; Magnum, Coca-Cola, Guinness, Sky and Dove. In 2016 they were voted Experience Agency of Year by Campaign magasine.
Having experienced the challenges of supporting a child with complex medical needs he was inspired to set-up Work for Good; a social enterprise and business giving platform that exists to make donating simple, visible and legal. Charity partners include global organisations such as WWF, BHF, and Christian Aid as well as a host of national and local causes.